Patchwork Rugs

These carpets are produced by separating vintage carpets into small pieces and matching them according to their colors and patterns. Each carpet is different and unique from the other.

100% Hand woven Anatolian Rugs are collected. Each of them is trimmed with special shaving methods, the pile heights are bringing almost zero level. Each carpet is separated to be dyed with water-based methods in that color group, which color will be integrated one by one. After the dyeing and drying processes are completed, carpets are cutted in certain size and then the cutted pieces are brougt with expertise and sewed individually.

In this natural production process, each carpet has a different feature due to the parts it integrates. No Patchwork can be the same as another. Although the colors are close to each other, since each carpet is in a different color before, it absorbs the water-based paint differently in the second dyeing process and looks different in color from the carpet next to it. This shows Patchwork's strong identity.

Many pieces that have been disassembled, cutted and worn differently can be seen according to the oldness of the carpet. This image adds a different value and story to our carpets. It is not a product that the eye can see as a manufacturing defect. Also, since different pieces are brought together on the product, there may be a light pot stance. Our customer can solve this with a carpet underlay. It is also recommended to use this type of pedding as it is beneficial to breathe the carpet.


The product should be cleaned 1-2 times a month with a vacuum cleaner with a light vacuum. The carpet can be wiped with shampoo and warm water.

Cleaning operations such as shaking, detergent wiping should never be done.

Carpet Patchwork Rugs
Kilim Patchwork