As Fatih Halı, we started our business with buying and selling rugs in Çembertaş, Istanbul in 1993.

We are the one of the leader of the sector especially in Karabag Kilims.

Later, we increased our momentum with Patchwork carpets.

We have been participating to international fairs since 2001.

We have been producing the most different carpets and rugs that will be fashion in the sector.

We still take our place in the sector with the most modern and special products.


Vision - Mission

To be the leader and direction giver to the sector of Rugs and Kilims in Turkey with best and most wanted products.

To continue to grow steadily with the principle of service and customer satisfaction focused above expectations.

Growing by adding value to the sector with our reliable teams that are powered by our innovation-oriented entrepreneurial spirit.

To lead the sector by increasing our company's effectiveness and efficiency in the national / international market.

To increase the service quality we offer and to contribute to its development by following the highest level applications.

Establishing a strong communication with trust, ensuring customer satisfaction and increasing our target audience.